söndag 28 juni 2009

Not according to plan.

I was supposted to make that mock collar I wrote about this morning. Well, it didn't go according to plan. Actually I got stuck in the sofa, watching first Pushing Daisies and now Poirot. I love both series.

Anyhow, I have four weeks to make my mock collar, so no worries. I'll get there in time.

4 kommentarer:

Emma sa...

That's the spirit precious! =)

And I believe it's a double dose of Poirot we've got coming for us. How terribly awful. =)

Linn Ekholm sa...

How terribly awful, indeed! He's a darn manly man, that Poirot! With that french accent and nicely trimmed moustache and all! hahah!


mia sa...

jag älskar den här serien! och hon är typ den sötaste tjejen jag sett.

kram mia

Linn Ekholm sa...

ja visst är hon! Allt är fint i serien. husen, kläderna, färgerna. Sättet de berättar på. Lite som Alice i Underlandet för vuxna....



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