måndag 31 maj 2010

New family member

This is our new family memeber, his/her name is currently The Snake... These photos are taken just after he was fed with a big rat. Not a live one though, they're sold frozen. Snakes are really cool and weird animals.

söndag 23 maj 2010


I'm actually at the exhibition in this very second. Anna Ilebys drawings are amazing! I don't know how to describe them in any other way. Anna is sitting across the room from me, but I'm too much of a chicken to go up to her and say hello. I wish I would dare though, she seems so nice!


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Long time, no see

Hi folks! It's been a while, haven't it? Well, I'm busy in school and with life in general so I decided I needed to make some priorities. However, today I took the day off. My first day off in about two weeks.

Actually I'm doing something fun today, I'm going on an art exhibition by the famous bloger Anna Ileby who rund the blog Anna Ritar. (I don't know how to link to her blog when I'm bloging from my phone...) however I didn't check what time it opens before I left. I was an hour early so I'm just waiting outside in my car. They must think I'm a weird /crazy person.

I'm also doing this on my own. My best friend already had plans, Mr E is working and everybody else I asked also had plans. It's actually a bit scary. I'm not good at doing stuff like this on my own... Well wish me luck!


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