torsdag 30 juli 2009

Flat lined.

Hi folks. I know I was supposed to post last night. Well, I flat lined so I was a bit unavailable. I was so unbelievably tires, and my feet were so incredably sore. I actually cursed some higher powers this morning when the alarm woke me up and i knew I had to get up and go to work. Again.

Anyhow, today went much better! Time flew (compared to yesterday that is). At one point  it rained cats and dogs and there was a voilent thunder raging outside. I loved every second! I really don't mind working when it's crappy weather. (with that said I could come up with loads of stuff to do when it raining, besides working. Like cuddeling up in a cozy sofa with a good book, tea/hot chocolate and a soft blanket.)

When we got home Mr M went straight to the kitchen to make some dinner. I was accompanied with myself and I, and we went to the rasberry bushes. Yummie, yummie in my tummie!

Anyhow, wanna know what we did more yesterday? Oh, well I'll tell you anyways! Mr M and I bought a new flat! Wihoo! (if you haven't heard me ramblin' about it, we just sold out house.)  Tomorrow we are going to the bank to sign contracts and stuff.

Later folks,

onsdag 29 juli 2009

The fun is over.

The fun is over. It sure is. For this year. I'm talking about my vaccation. My four week long time off from work. Yesterday was my last day, so right now I'm having breakfast before going to my first day... It's mixed emotions, I must say..... Well, I'll let you know how it was, when I get back tonight.

Have a lovely day!
Linn Ekholm

söndag 26 juli 2009


Oh, I just wandered into Minimarkets website and checked out their fall/winter collection 09. I've got to say, they do have some really nice pieces! I do love how the fall lines always seem to have dusty/ mustardy/ rich colours. Minimarket seem to have taken a deep plunge into the mustard and plum pool, and I totally love it! 

I love how it inspires to more well dressed, an almost british aristocratic, style. Can you guess which one is my favourite? The vest, the hat... Oh my.

(klick on the image for larger view)

However it might be just out of my price range, it does give me tons of inspiration, and it feels good after a spring and summer filled with flowery patterns, bright colours and thin fabrics. 

Give me a cold breeze, cardigans and heavy fabrics, please. Early autumn, around school start, really is my favourite time of the year. The trees turn bright yellow and read, the air is high and clear and the atmosphere is just filled with a laid back and dozy feeling....


Helgens blogg. / The Weekend Blog Trophy.

This weekend the trophy goes to...... Blooming Leopold!

(klick on the image for larger view)

Note from the Jury: She has the most lovely style! A vintage inspired style, with her own special twist to it! It's girlie, sweet with a bit of an edge. She posts the cutest pictures and every post manages to inspire us. She also have an Etsy shop filled with goodies, so check that out too!

She reminds us about old pictures of the slow and sleepy life by the Mississippi river. Calm, bright and simply happy. Wonderful! 

lördag 25 juli 2009


Hi folks! I know it's been quiet here the past few days. It's a combination of factors that is to blame... We've had some stuff to go through concerning the sale of our house and I've just not looked to fashionable when doing it. Today I spent the afternoon by the sewingmashine, I'll continue that little blouse project tomorrow. 

However, in my mind I'm already working on my next project. I think it'll be a two piece thing... A little inspired by this dress from Betty Page Clothing. It's stunning!

Have a nice evening!
Linn Ekholm

torsdag 23 juli 2009

Trolls and princesses.

Yesterday I went to Mariebergsskogen in Karlstad. I met up my friend Emma and her mother Eva there. We bought tickets for the "Troll walk" which is  an interactive childrens theater. You walk around a small forest with guides looking for trolls. The kids get so involved, it's hilarious just to listen to their comments!

We did meet a troll. Isn't she good looking?

Then we met a prince, he felt slightly out of focus, hence the blurry picture. (It has nothing to do with the photographer, I swear!) He also happens to be my bonus little brother. Aka Emmas little brother and Evas son. (He is my bonus brother because Emma and I are so close, we could just aswell be sisters!) He is so terribly talented! (And good looking... just like the rest of the family. Now thats a good gene pool right there for ya.) 

Then we met a princess who had the cutest hair ever. True princess hair, a mile long and naturally super blond. Supposedly she is also very talented and nice. And good looking. Wow-ee, if only I was gay and single.... Anyhow, however....

Then we met the evil sorcerer. He put a spell on the prince, luckily the children, the troll and the ever so pretty princess together managed to get him free again. Phew!

After the theater we went to an ice cream bar, holy smokes, I get blown away every time at how delicious their ice cream is! An old classmate of ours also came along! I hadn't seen her for five years! She was just in sweden for vaccation, she lives in London nowadays. It was super fun to see her again, she really is the cutest!

Here's the ever so pretty mother and daughter, Eva on the left and Emma on the right.

Over and out,
Linn Ekholm

ps. thanks again folks for a very lovely day! ds.

pps. I know how much you all enjoy seeing what I eat for breakfast, so here's yesterdays breakfast, yoghurt with home grown rasberries and a cup of tea. There you go. dds.

tisdag 21 juli 2009

Rerun from yesterday.

Well, it was perfect yesterday, so we decided to make a rerun of yesterday, today. So we packed ourselves into the car and headed up to Mr M's father's new house. Mr M got to practice a little, he is just like Robin Hood, an archer. I ate. And ate. And ate.... Lots and lots of cherries, a little black currant and some blueberries. 

I have been cold all day, so before going there I threw on a nice wool blend cardigan, navy blue with pink (nearly white) hearts, white wool socks and my wellies. The red shirt is really a shirt dress, however to short for me to feel comfortable, so I wore it with cut off jeans shorts. And as always, black tights. Wonderfully un-matching.

Tomorrow I'm finally meeting my best friend, since we don't live in the same town anymore we don't ge to see each other as ofter nowadays. 

Linn Ekholm
aka Miss Match 

ps. wow-ee, I sure haven't spent much time in the sun this summer. Can you tell? Haha!

måndag 20 juli 2009

The Happiness.

Mr M and I spent the afternoon at his fathers and K's new (old) house. Mr M helped with putting up a new roof and I just wandered around with my camera. I must say I was in heaven. They have loads of cherry trees filled with lovely red cherries. It seems this day has been just about berries, haven't it?

It's not toally true I was in heaven though, actually the name of the place is Lyckan, which is Swedish for happiness. true to the name I was happy with my camera there. It's an old farm and it's so charming! And just like us they have plenty of apple trees in their garden too.

Tomorrow I'm going back to pick more cherries, because today I just ate everything I picked....



I Love love love love berries! Today I've picked the first ripe rasberries in our back yard. It's so delicious! Every year I kind of rediscover how much I like rasberries. You really can't compare store bought berries to home grown ones. 

We're also enjoying the last of the strawberry season here, and just to make the most of it, we buy strawberries every morning, so that we can have strawberries with yoghurt. It's like eating dessert for breakfast!

Soon, any day now, our red currant will also be ripe and the forest is already full of blueberries! Life really is berrylicious at the moment! (maybe I'll make som home made cordial of it all...)


söndag 19 juli 2009

Helgens blogg. / The Weekend Blog Trophy.

This weekend's winner is....

This is a blog written by Jen in L.A. It's all about weddings. Shoes, flowers, style ideas and so on and so forth.

The jury's motivation: This blog is so full of inspiation it's bursting at it's seams! Even if you're not planning on getting married anytime soon, you should give this blog a visit! The photographes are stunning, the style is impeccable and it's well written. Maybe you're going to have a birthday party soon? You can certainly get loads of inspiration here! It is simply adorable and cute and wonderful. Go visit. Allow yourself to daydream for a moment. 

fredag 17 juli 2009

This 'n that.

I just wanted to show you some stuff I've made lately but haven't photographed until today. First off are my new pants, I swear to God these are so comfy I might even consider acknowleding that there is a slight possibility that there are pants out there that are just as nice to wear as a skirt or a dress. (Just maybe, but that's still huge coming from me!)

You like? They're so wide and have the perfect length to be super comfortable! They're made from an old pattern, I would guess 70's, so I had to remodel them quite a bit. For instance I cut of about 20 cm from the top! From the beginning it had pockets, but they kind of vanished when I cut them down, and I was to lazy to make new ones, hehe.

This is a project I started and finished this morning. Let's call it the "Linn is sick and tired of plastic shopping bags"-project.  It's a shopping bag from some left over fabric I had. And it turns inside out if you get sick of pattern on the outside. Two in one, so to speak. The darker fabric is actually leftovers from the pillowcases I made yesterday and the white fabric I bought with the intention to nail to a wooden frame and hang on the wall. Well, I think it was put to better use here, don't you?

Now I really need to take a shower and shape up. Then Mr M is making me dinner, and just to finish the day off we're going to see the new Harry Potter at the movie theater. I'm so excited!


torsdag 16 juli 2009


I've gotten lots of stuff done today. It feels good when a productive day comes along. Unfortunately I haven't taken any pictures. 

Well, I've made new pillow cases for some of our sofa pillows. I've been to the gym. Long time, no see on that part...

Then I met up with an old classmate of mine. We don't see each other very often since she moved to an other town to study. She's going to be a medical doctor. Smart as the day is long!

Anyhow, I promise, promise I'll take some pictures for you to see tomorrow.

Good night.
Linn Ekholm

onsdag 15 juli 2009


Just wanted to show you what I've been up to the past few days. I've made this beret/hat for example. I love the colour of it. Kind of petroleum blue. I might just make it a tad bigger, haven't decided yet.

I've done some more stuff too, but since Mr M can't find my camera remote (I let him borrow it on one condition: don't you dare loose it!...Hrmphf...) and he himself is not at home at the moment. But then again, then you have yet another exciting post to look forward to! 


Look of the day.

Just a quick post before we have to go. This is todays makeup. It's kind of "Breakfast at Tiffany's"-inspired. I'll take better photos when we get back, photobooth isn't too great... And just as a bonus you get photos of Mr M goofing with me when I tried to take these. He's normally a very handsome fella. I swear.



Hi folks!

I know I didn't post anything yesterday, but I was sewing and pidgeting with some other stuff all day long. I'll try to snap some photos of it today. Now, however, we have to run to an appointment at the bank.


måndag 13 juli 2009


Some people like to collect stamps as a hobby. Some do sports. Some like to watch films and review them. I like second hand shopping. the only problem with that is that it's become very trendy. And if something becomes trendy you can sell it for higher prices.

I live in a town where the prices of second hand/ vintage shopping are just as high as in ordinary stores. Some say that it's good that the charity shops get more money for their goods, the money goes to a good cause. And thats true. However, the charity shops are there for two types of charity, aren't they?

the first reason is already stated, they want to raise money to give to a specific cause. The second reason is just as important as the first one in my opinion, namely to give less fortunate families an opportunity to buy clothes and things in a price level they can afford. I'm not saying I cant afford paying more, but I feel sorry for the people who up until now have relied on these shops. Where should they go now, when even the charity shops are too expensive?

One answer is the charity shops outside of the larger cities. I visited a local red cross shop when I was back home at my parents. It was so much fun! The house itself was a delight to visit, an old hotel. I wish more doors were unlocked, because I get so curious! They had so many lovely things there. Clothing rack after clothing rack. Most of it did'nt even look used! 

A new autumn coat, 25 sek (3,15 usd). A blouse 15 sek (1,88 usd). And so it went on and on and on. Heaven! This is what a charity shop should be like. Unfortunately I didn't find anything in my size this time, but hey, trust me, I'll be back!

What's your opinion in this matter? Or maybe you can tell me a bit about your hobby/ies?

Linn Ekholm

A gift.

This is what my dad gave me when I was back home. He started to rent a new building for his business and bought some of the furniture that was in there. Some office chairs, old kitchen chairs, a table, and this!! Can you imagine my excitement when I saw this in a corner?!

I don't think it's an dold vintage group, by the looks of it it's a repo, because it looks brand new! Oh, I can't begin to explain how much I love this! Thank you dad! It's actually one sofa and two of those arm chairs!

The only problem is that Mr A and I are moving to a flat because we've sold our house and we still haven't bought a new flat. I just hope we find a big flat so I have room for this, otherwise I might just die. Seriously. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me, would you? I so want this sofa to move in with me! I promise I'll give it tons and tons of love!. I'll sit in it and read a good book every night, drink tea with my friends in it and never leave it alone longer than necessary!

Oh my, oh my..... I'm in love with a sofa.


A peek.

I thought you'd might like a peek at what I was up to on my trip to Norway/ trip to my parents. Well, my battery died so I didn't get too many pictures, but I did capture som of the details.

This is what can be found on my parents walls. Firstly my maternal grandparents in their wedding photo. Don't they look smashing? My grandpa sure was a handsome fella!

And this a closer shot at my maternal grandma, a bit younger than in the wedding photo. She's also very good looking, and now some60-65 years later she's just as good looking!

This is my other grandparents' wedding photo. In fact it's a b/w photo which an artist later coloured with paint. Isn't that cool?

Here's my parents' wedding photo. It's obvious in what decade they hitched, isn't it? The frame is a piece of wood that the photo is glued on to. 

These folks are old realtives of mine, but I don't know how or when they lived. But they do look handsome in a very serious kind of way. 

Lastly, two houses. The grey is the house my father grew up in and the red is the house his father grew up in. It's touching in a way that they love their homes so much that they took pictures of them and framed them. A sense of belonging we don't have today. These days everyone wants to be so international and vagabond-ish it's almost taboo to say that you love your home so much that you would like to live out the rest of your days there. Maybe it was different back then, when they actually built their own homes...

Well, thats that. Later today I'll show you something my father gave me when I was home. I love it and I am sooo excited about it!!


ps. I'll throw in a picture of me as a kid aswell... 


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