söndag 30 augusti 2009

Back home.


I'm home again. It's good to be home. A bit empty without MrM of course. My weekend at my parents was perfect! I love my family.

Now I do need to get started on doing my laundry, I do want to have clean clothes for school. Note to self when I don't want to do laundry: I am no hobo.


fredag 28 augusti 2009


Hi folks.

Next week will be rather hectic so just to remind myself to plan well, here's what my week will look like.

Saturday/ Sunday - At my parents house. (if I'm lucky my mom will make some food for me to bring home with me...)

Monday School. Work after lunch.

Tuesday Work

Wednesday Work

Thursday School. Afternoon off, hooray!

Friday Work

Saturday Work

Sunday Work

I'm a busy bee. However, since MrM installed a programthingy on my iPhone I can make posts from that! Yay! Aren't you happy now? A full-fledged non stop blog!



My first official uni breakfast.

-- Post From My iPhone


This a view pf my school. The backside of the university of Karlstad. Www.Kau.se

-- Post From My iPhone

torsdag 27 augusti 2009

Domestically Challenged.

If the following happens to you, it's a sure sign you're domestically challenged just like me.

Boyfriend (MrM in my case): I'm nervous about going so far away for two weeks.

Me: You'll be fine! You've travelled lots and lots before.

Boyfriend: Yes I know, but it's different this time. Leaving you here for two weeks alone.

Me: I'll be fine! Don't worry!

Boyfriend: I mean leaving you with the house. Alone. And with all the coocking. Frankly I'm afraid you'll starve to death!

End of conversation.

This, my friends, is how you know if you are domestically challenged or not. If your better/worse half is afraid that you'll starve to death whenever s/he is going away for two weeks it's a sure sign you are no Jamie Oliver.


I didnt get in to the program at the university that I applied for. Fuck.

And tomorrow MrM goes to Korea to compete in the world championship in archery. He'll be away for two weeks. Double fuck.

I probably wont post anything more today. Today I'm not à happy camper.

-- Post From My iPhone

onsdag 26 augusti 2009

Modcloth = Love

Modcloth, ah sweet Modcloth. You have done it again! I love this style and I wish I could buy all of this. Isn't this the perfect autumn outfit?

Linn Ekholm

ps. no news about school. They still haven't been able to speak to the person who is before me in line for the one open spot. Shouldn't they give the spot to someone who really cares instead? I do seem more motivated, don't I? I mean, I'm mail bombing them every day now. My nerves can't take much more! ds.

tisdag 25 augusti 2009


Today has been all about laundry, laundry and laundry. And then I went and bought two new long sleeved t-shirts, a new bra and a pair of panties.

Oh, and ofcourse I've been super stressed all day waiting for a phone call that never came. The reason? Well, I applied for a program at the university called Health and Wellness. I didn't get in, I am third on the waiting list. When I e-mailed them today they told me that they have one spot left on the course and that she had to call one person before me to see if s/he was still interested. So, now I'm wishing my heart out that the person before me don't want to start the program.

Wish me luck folks!! Now I'm heading for the bed.


måndag 24 augusti 2009

I'm officially a university student.

yay! My first day at school is over. I'm so excited! I really feel inspired to study now, a feeling I've been waiting for for almost five years. It's wonderful!

My first day was perfect. A cool teacher, blue sky, sun, nervous students everywhere. Exactly what a first day should be like. I really feel bubbly inside (writer's note: not the flatulent kind of bubbly), that's how fun it was today! However, I did forget to take pictures, I'll try to take some on friday instead.

Tomorrow I have a day off of both school and work, what to do? Maybe I'll to a batch of rhubarb marmalade...?

Who knows? Not me!

Anyhow, now I just want MrM to come home. He's promised me to make chantarelle toast... So I went for a walk in the forest an hour or so ago just to pick some. Like we don't already have a ton! hehehe... I'm a greedy bastard, but I can't help myself when I know the woods are just full of delicious shrooomies. Free of charge and all!

later folks,

söndag 23 augusti 2009

Back to school

I know I haven't been blogging much this week. I went to my parents for a couple of days. Picked chantarelles. 14 kilos! (almost 31 pounds) It took us forever to clean it all.

Well, I promise I'll blog more tomorrow afternoon. Actually I'm seriously nervous right now, it's my first day of school tomorrow. Uni, here I come!


tisdag 18 augusti 2009

A happy camper!

Today I went to the woods again to look for some chantarells. Actually I went to a new place so I ddn't know what I would find. When I walked through the bushes and the shrubs I pondered upon what would be my best tips and tricks to you regarding chantarell picking and mushroom hunting in general. So here we go.

Make sure you have the right gear. 
  • A nice basket to put your treasures in. Preferably one that is big and flat in the bottom so that it sits sturdy on the uneaven ground of the forest.
  • A brush and a knife. I have a combo that is fairly easy to find at your local grocery store. It's a brush/knife so that you only have to keep track of one thing.
  • The proper outfit. I prefer wellies, comfy pants, a wind proof jacket and a cap.
  • Make sure you use a mosquito repellant. You'll never get the sought after peace of mind if all you do is chasing away non-friendly mosquitoes.
  • A cell phone if you're out on your own.
Now, all you need to do is find a good spot. Walk slowly. Chantarells can really be hard to find. Pay attention as to where you put your feet, you don't want to discover that you've just stepped on a nice shroomy.

here comes the important part, when you find a nice golden chatarell, the first thing you need to do is a victory dance. This is compulsory! Then pick it, brush it off and put it in your basket. Now comes a second dance. Line dance. Since chantarells have a tendancy to grow in groups just imagine a line dance. (I haven't line danced properly, but I imagine they sound like this.) " A step to the right, a step to the left. Do a little twirl. Two steps forward, three steps back." And so on.  (no, my hand isn't blue, its just my iPhone that takes wanky photos sometimes.)

Even if you see a nice chantarell glowing further away, make sure you've picked everyoneat your current spot before you leave. I find this part difficult. I'm like a four year old at christmas when I see a chantarell. That is why I walk in circles so that I pass the same spots several times. I actually retraced my steps four times today and I found new chantarells every time!

I also found a new friend today. The wind. God bless the wind. Nothing keeps the mosquitoes away like the wind!

I finished my little forest walk sitting by the lake. I placed my bum on a stone (in swedish also called a "bumling" haha!) and ate a pear. As a nice bonus I stumbeled across some more chantarells on my way to my car.

Needless to say, I'm a happy camper!

ps. if you're not 110% certain of what you've picked, make sure you consult a good mushroom dictionary before you use it in your food!. ds.

måndag 17 augusti 2009

Give me some toys!

Hi folks!
This weekend I skipped the wekkend blog trophy because we had a big party on saturday, and because of the party I wasn't really too frisky on sunday...

I'll show you pictures of it when Mr M decides to take them from his camera and to the computer. (I don't really want to use his camera, it's way too complicated....)

Anyhow, I discovered a new craving of mine. Cleanly designed toys! Just look at these! I can see these sitting on a string shelf in our new flat. Yes I can. They are just perfect! If you want to visit the manufacturers website click here.


onsdag 12 augusti 2009

A small tip.

If you like to look at braids and do them yourself, you should join this Flickr group. It's called braid Wednesday and i'ts purpose is to celebrate the mid-week by doing braids. Isn't it cute? I'm certain the world would be a more fun place if people celebrated mid-weekdays. Join the group! I did today.


Bookshelf cravings.

This shelf is called String and is a true Swedish classic. It was designed in 1949 and is still super modern! Since we're moving in a few months I can't help myself but clicking my way around the internet searching for new furniture. You can see more here. (oh, I so wish the last to images were snapshots from our livingroom!!)

Imagine a black String on a black wallpaper with some cool white and black things. Maybe one small red item just to accent it all. I'm even obsessing about little things like a timer! This one is near perfection and comes from Bengt Ek Design.

Just to finish off the black wall I'd might hang these pictures from rädda barnen (save the children sweden). They sell these in their shop in a set of three. The quotes are from tre famous people, for example Oscar Wild. 


tisdag 11 augusti 2009

Braided/plaited inspiration.

It's no chocker by now that I love braids. So here's some of the pictures I've been eyeing today for inspiration.

The first thought that crossed my mind was that this must be the perfect Midsummers Eve's hair do! Pin your flowers in there and you have the cutest and most original flowercrown. And for you who aren't familiar with this swedish tradition, it's common to make a crown of flowers and wear it on Midsummers Eve.

This was just a random picture I found on Flickr. It's like braid porn to write "braids" in the search box on Flickr. 

If you want to see some incredible braids, like this one, you need to visit this homepage. These styles are a bit crazy and extravagant, but oh so inspirational. And if you want some tutorials on how to make these styles you go here.

Braided love,

Hesitating for too long.

Gaah! I've popped in to the greedy seagulls etsy shop every now and then for over a month now, just to look at this perfect lace cape. Should I buy it? Will I ever use it? Hmmm... And so my pondering went on and on.  And now, of course, it's sold! Can you imagine how grumpy I am about this now? I should have bought it when I had the chance! Bummer!

måndag 10 augusti 2009

class reunion size xxxs.

Last saturday four of my old classmates and I got together to catch up. It's been five years since we graduated! I only snapped a few photos, the rest of the time I laught my lungs out!

Here's Chris. A very nice, well behaved and funny guy. (psychologist to be)

The ever so pretty Emma aka bestest of best friends of mine. (engineer to be).

The witty and oh so smart Hanna. (medical doctor to be)

And the oh so very beautiful Jasmine! Girl, you wow me, and crack me up,  every time! (economy wizz to be)

I was ther too, but I wasn't caught on camera. (the I don't know what I want to do-to be.)

Lastly, a picture of a kick ass delicious chocolate cake.


Yesterdays hairdo.

I do love my braids, as you should know by now. Yesterday I looked like this. I know, not very good pictures, but they'll have to do.

One braids goes across my fringe, straight back and down. The other one goes back, then across the back of my head so that the two braids meet behind my right ear. Then I put them together and finished it off with a fish bone braid.

 I took the pictures when I got home from work yesterday. I was dead tired. Can you tell?


söndag 9 augusti 2009

The weekend blog!

This weeks blog has now been chosen. Many weeks in a row it's been vintage and fashion blogs that have been the winners. This week it's a heartwarming and personal blog, namely Mandelen.

She writes very personal and honest about herself and her life. She cracks me up every time! This is why I threw out the jury this week and just went with this motivation; it's personal and lovely. Funny as *** and well worth a visit or two a day.

Madelen, I might just have a blog crush on you, haha!

ps. I couldn't find any pictures of her, so go visit her and leave her a comment that you want to see a picture of her.

Guest photographer.

My very best friend Emma crashed at out place for a few days this week. Hence the lack of posting. I spent my time laughing, talking, huging and just enjoying the company instead. However, one day when she was home alone (I unfortunately had to work) and she was supposed to study physics. Well, instead she found my camera and played with it. 

If someone plays with my camera without erasing the incriminating evidence they will just have to accept that the evidence will end up here. So here you go. Rasberries. Right before she ate them all.

The result of a nice but short, yes we fell asleep, night. Whiskey for Emma and cider for me.

Emmas tattoo. It says "Emma". Her own signature. And a few mosquito bites.

Evidently we have plenty of mosquitos here. The flipflops are MrM's.

And here she is, the ever so beautiful Emma in all her pride and glory! Honeybun, I love you!

Later folks.


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