fredag 19 juni 2009

Midsummers outfit.

This is my outfit for this years midsummers eve festiveties. I was planning on an outfit very inspired by the movie Grease, however some of the items I was supposed to wear decided not to show up in my closet. I'm sure there's a little gnome who really likes my style and therefore "lends" my clothes!

Anyhow, the skirt is the one I showed the other day that I made myself. Stockings from H&M, so are the wollen socks ( damn the cold summers in Sweden). Cardigan from Vila and the leather jacket I got from my mom. Dad bought it for her when she was pregnant (!!!) with my oldest brother in the late 70s. It's in perfect condition and so awesomely nice! I love it!

Well, we're already late, so I'd better get going.


ps. about the strange face I'm making in the second picture, I'm not demented, I was just trying to look cool, like they do in Grease. I need not emphesize how gravely i faild. Anyhow, the laugh is on me. Haha! 

2 kommentarer:

Emma sa...

You look like you need a toilet really bad, haha. But that's why I love you so much. <3

And I'm loving the fact that I've been away for a couple of days, and you've been a busy little blogger-bee, giving me tooooons of catching up to do! Yeeeyyyyy! <3 <3

Linn Ekholm sa...

Maybe I did need a toilet really bad...! Hahaha I love you too!

Buzz (means kisses in bee-language)


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