lördag 31 oktober 2009

Note to self

Linn, this is what happens when you wait too long before you get started on you school work. Would you like to feel like this again?? Didn't think so. Lesson learned and if you feel tempted to procrastinate ever again, look back on this picture. It's not pretty, now is it?! Shape up!

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lördag 24 oktober 2009


Today it's my B-day! Enough said, CHEERS!

måndag 19 oktober 2009

Bye bye.

Today we are handing over our house to the new owners. Lots of memories, bit one can only go forward from here. Bye bye house.

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söndag 18 oktober 2009

Loved ones.

I just got these photos from my mothers 50th birthday. They've been hidden away on an external hard drive. Such a waste! She is my best friend (alongside with Emma that is). She's funny, witty and she always knows how to solve problems of all kind.

Have a lovely evening y'all!

torsdag 15 oktober 2009

I'm back. Slowly, but surely.

Hi folks! I've decided it's time to bring this blog back to life! Slowly but surely. Right now I'm visiting a very cute Almond. It's oh so very nice. She gave me hello Kitty plaster and I've decided to buy yrt another cook book. Pink. You can't go wrong!

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