fredag 17 juli 2009

This 'n that.

I just wanted to show you some stuff I've made lately but haven't photographed until today. First off are my new pants, I swear to God these are so comfy I might even consider acknowleding that there is a slight possibility that there are pants out there that are just as nice to wear as a skirt or a dress. (Just maybe, but that's still huge coming from me!)

You like? They're so wide and have the perfect length to be super comfortable! They're made from an old pattern, I would guess 70's, so I had to remodel them quite a bit. For instance I cut of about 20 cm from the top! From the beginning it had pockets, but they kind of vanished when I cut them down, and I was to lazy to make new ones, hehe.

This is a project I started and finished this morning. Let's call it the "Linn is sick and tired of plastic shopping bags"-project.  It's a shopping bag from some left over fabric I had. And it turns inside out if you get sick of pattern on the outside. Two in one, so to speak. The darker fabric is actually leftovers from the pillowcases I made yesterday and the white fabric I bought with the intention to nail to a wooden frame and hang on the wall. Well, I think it was put to better use here, don't you?

Now I really need to take a shower and shape up. Then Mr M is making me dinner, and just to finish the day off we're going to see the new Harry Potter at the movie theater. I'm so excited!


2 kommentarer:

Emma sa...

Ahh, how productive you've become in front of the sewing machine! I love everything almost as much as I love you.


Linn Ekholm sa...

I love you too honeybun!


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