måndag 13 juli 2009

A gift.

This is what my dad gave me when I was back home. He started to rent a new building for his business and bought some of the furniture that was in there. Some office chairs, old kitchen chairs, a table, and this!! Can you imagine my excitement when I saw this in a corner?!

I don't think it's an dold vintage group, by the looks of it it's a repo, because it looks brand new! Oh, I can't begin to explain how much I love this! Thank you dad! It's actually one sofa and two of those arm chairs!

The only problem is that Mr A and I are moving to a flat because we've sold our house and we still haven't bought a new flat. I just hope we find a big flat so I have room for this, otherwise I might just die. Seriously. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me, would you? I so want this sofa to move in with me! I promise I'll give it tons and tons of love!. I'll sit in it and read a good book every night, drink tea with my friends in it and never leave it alone longer than necessary!

Oh my, oh my..... I'm in love with a sofa.


5 kommentarer:

Lady Thirty sa...

ojsan vilka trevliga :)

ps. nu kan man shoppa sig en lady thirty-väska inne hos mig om man vill ;)


Linn Ekholm sa...

wihoo! det var inte illa! =0) Ska kolla det direkt!


Emma sa...

Should you not find an apartment large enough, I know a girl (a very sweet, loving and kind one, too, by the way) who lives in a two-storey backhouse to a mansion and has loads of space.

Well, no, that was a lie, she's got hardly any space left, as she also has a slight faiblesse for second hand shopping... But I could imagine them fitting pretty well into her upstairs hall... =)

Linn Ekholm sa...

haha! never ever!Om jag så ska knöka in dem i en garderob så SKA den här soffan flytta med mig!!

Emma sa...



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