måndag 13 juli 2009

A peek.

I thought you'd might like a peek at what I was up to on my trip to Norway/ trip to my parents. Well, my battery died so I didn't get too many pictures, but I did capture som of the details.

This is what can be found on my parents walls. Firstly my maternal grandparents in their wedding photo. Don't they look smashing? My grandpa sure was a handsome fella!

And this a closer shot at my maternal grandma, a bit younger than in the wedding photo. She's also very good looking, and now some60-65 years later she's just as good looking!

This is my other grandparents' wedding photo. In fact it's a b/w photo which an artist later coloured with paint. Isn't that cool?

Here's my parents' wedding photo. It's obvious in what decade they hitched, isn't it? The frame is a piece of wood that the photo is glued on to. 

These folks are old realtives of mine, but I don't know how or when they lived. But they do look handsome in a very serious kind of way. 

Lastly, two houses. The grey is the house my father grew up in and the red is the house his father grew up in. It's touching in a way that they love their homes so much that they took pictures of them and framed them. A sense of belonging we don't have today. These days everyone wants to be so international and vagabond-ish it's almost taboo to say that you love your home so much that you would like to live out the rest of your days there. Maybe it was different back then, when they actually built their own homes...

Well, thats that. Later today I'll show you something my father gave me when I was home. I love it and I am sooo excited about it!!


ps. I'll throw in a picture of me as a kid aswell... 

2 kommentarer:

Emma sa...

Naaawwww! <3

Love your thoughts on homes and houses. Klok som en bok Linn, that's all I've got to say...

Linn Ekholm sa...

Emma. I. Love. You. And. Your. Lovely. Brain.


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