söndag 9 augusti 2009

The weekend blog!

This weeks blog has now been chosen. Many weeks in a row it's been vintage and fashion blogs that have been the winners. This week it's a heartwarming and personal blog, namely Mandelen.

She writes very personal and honest about herself and her life. She cracks me up every time! This is why I threw out the jury this week and just went with this motivation; it's personal and lovely. Funny as *** and well worth a visit or two a day.

Madelen, I might just have a blog crush on you, haha!

ps. I couldn't find any pictures of her, so go visit her and leave her a comment that you want to see a picture of her.

2 kommentarer:

mandelen sa...

Men åh! I love you too!!! <3 Så glad jag blir :)

Linn Ekholm sa...

grattis! Det är myycket välförtjänt! Ack, gudarna ska veta att du fått mig gråta många gånger. Och gett mig träningsvärk i magen. Allt med hjälp av din blogg =0)


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