söndag 9 augusti 2009

Guest photographer.

My very best friend Emma crashed at out place for a few days this week. Hence the lack of posting. I spent my time laughing, talking, huging and just enjoying the company instead. However, one day when she was home alone (I unfortunately had to work) and she was supposed to study physics. Well, instead she found my camera and played with it. 

If someone plays with my camera without erasing the incriminating evidence they will just have to accept that the evidence will end up here. So here you go. Rasberries. Right before she ate them all.

The result of a nice but short, yes we fell asleep, night. Whiskey for Emma and cider for me.

Emmas tattoo. It says "Emma". Her own signature. And a few mosquito bites.

Evidently we have plenty of mosquitos here. The flipflops are MrM's.

And here she is, the ever so beautiful Emma in all her pride and glory! Honeybun, I love you!

Later folks.

2 kommentarer:

Emma sa...

And I love you too! Thanks for a lovely couple of days when I needed it the most, and thanks for lending me your camera (although you didn't know you were lending it to me at the time, haha)!

And those aren't "a few" mosquito bites! Did you know I counted a total of 23 on my legs alone - and at least ten more had emerged by the time I got home. I can understand why you're moving. Vile little creatures... The one right below my knee sat there for ages before he finally found a vein to start filling up from.

Linn Ekholm sa...

i do really dislike those evil little things. I might even consider "hate" as an apropriate description!

I do love you honeybun!


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