måndag 24 augusti 2009

I'm officially a university student.

yay! My first day at school is over. I'm so excited! I really feel inspired to study now, a feeling I've been waiting for for almost five years. It's wonderful!

My first day was perfect. A cool teacher, blue sky, sun, nervous students everywhere. Exactly what a first day should be like. I really feel bubbly inside (writer's note: not the flatulent kind of bubbly), that's how fun it was today! However, I did forget to take pictures, I'll try to take some on friday instead.

Tomorrow I have a day off of both school and work, what to do? Maybe I'll to a batch of rhubarb marmalade...?

Who knows? Not me!

Anyhow, now I just want MrM to come home. He's promised me to make chantarelle toast... So I went for a walk in the forest an hour or so ago just to pick some. Like we don't already have a ton! hehehe... I'm a greedy bastard, but I can't help myself when I know the woods are just full of delicious shrooomies. Free of charge and all!

later folks,

2 kommentarer:

Emma sa...

Sounds great and awesome and everything sugarbun.

I just read my travel journal from Scotland... Let's go somewhere? I'm getting reeeeeally restless again Linn! I'm thinking I might look into the possibilities of doing the spring semester abroad. Somewhere like, say, Scotland? =D I miss it so bad.

Linn Ekholm sa...

I so understand that you miss scotland, I was ther for one week and I miss it too, so I can only imagine how you feel! You should go somewhere, like scotland, cus then I can visit you!

I love you


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