torsdag 27 augusti 2009

Domestically Challenged.

If the following happens to you, it's a sure sign you're domestically challenged just like me.

Boyfriend (MrM in my case): I'm nervous about going so far away for two weeks.

Me: You'll be fine! You've travelled lots and lots before.

Boyfriend: Yes I know, but it's different this time. Leaving you here for two weeks alone.

Me: I'll be fine! Don't worry!

Boyfriend: I mean leaving you with the house. Alone. And with all the coocking. Frankly I'm afraid you'll starve to death!

End of conversation.

This, my friends, is how you know if you are domestically challenged or not. If your better/worse half is afraid that you'll starve to death whenever s/he is going away for two weeks it's a sure sign you are no Jamie Oliver.

3 kommentarer:

Emma sa...


But seriously, even an Olympic Athlete could survive on beef casserole and gratin of fish for two weeks, I'm sure of it! =)

Anonym sa...

Hallon och kantareller, du överlever <3

Linn Ekholm sa...

Tur att jag ska till det förlovade landet töcksfors i helgen
och äta upp mig lite :)

Piizz out Loved ones!


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