onsdag 12 augusti 2009

Bookshelf cravings.

This shelf is called String and is a true Swedish classic. It was designed in 1949 and is still super modern! Since we're moving in a few months I can't help myself but clicking my way around the internet searching for new furniture. You can see more here. (oh, I so wish the last to images were snapshots from our livingroom!!)

Imagine a black String on a black wallpaper with some cool white and black things. Maybe one small red item just to accent it all. I'm even obsessing about little things like a timer! This one is near perfection and comes from Bengt Ek Design.

Just to finish off the black wall I'd might hang these pictures from rädda barnen (save the children sweden). They sell these in their shop in a set of three. The quotes are from tre famous people, for example Oscar Wild. 


4 kommentarer:

mandelen sa...

Jag hade en sån hylla. Fick den av farfar. Sen så separerade jag, och den blev kvar. Jag har saknat den mer än en gång.

Ballefjång alltså!

Emma sa...

Fast näe? Vaddå svart och vitt och en röd klick. Brrr vad tråkigt! Show me pure wood and all the colours of the rainbow! =D

Linn Ekholm sa...

Emma, dy förstår ju inte visionen!

madelen, japp Ballefjång!

Lady Thirty sa...

jag vill också ha så fina hyllor...


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