fredag 28 augusti 2009


Hi folks.

Next week will be rather hectic so just to remind myself to plan well, here's what my week will look like.

Saturday/ Sunday - At my parents house. (if I'm lucky my mom will make some food for me to bring home with me...)

Monday School. Work after lunch.

Tuesday Work

Wednesday Work

Thursday School. Afternoon off, hooray!

Friday Work

Saturday Work

Sunday Work

I'm a busy bee. However, since MrM installed a programthingy on my iPhone I can make posts from that! Yay! Aren't you happy now? A full-fledged non stop blog!


4 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...


Linn Ekholm sa...

Inte yay! Jag vill ju vara ledig också... :)

Lady Thirty sa...

yay :D
verkligen busy busy :)

Linn Ekholm sa...

haha, ja lite hektiskt, men det är bara kul! =0)



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