söndag 10 januari 2010


You know what is peculiar? Life. One day you're feeling blue, nothing is going right. The next day a million doors open up and opportunities you've never even considered stare you in the face. This is what have happened to me these past few months. And I love my life now, how could I not when there are so many exciting things going on?

For one I am now studying at the University of Karlstad, I also work part time and as a bonus I started up a small(ish) side project which I am so thrilled about. It could get big, you see. I'll tell you all about the project some other time, when the first results of my labour comes. I did, however, sum up how many hours of work a week all these three combined are. A staggering 70 hours. This means the blog is somewhat suffering. Not fair, I know. And to add to the matter, my camera is at my parents house so I cant take any decent photos.

Anyhow, I got a fairly interesting e-mail during the weekend, so maybe there'll be a few interesting posts at the end of next week, or maybe the week thereafter, depending on a parcel that is to be sent to me.

However, now I really got to get my ass out of bed, work is waiting.
Have a lovely sunday folks, you've deserved it!


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