lördag 16 januari 2010

The ideal body.

It's not difficult to get the "ideal" figure. Not at all! At least not if you have a computer and is somewhat good at retouching the photos. I came across these photos of Ayda Field, Robbie Williams girlfriend. They are rather similar, aren't they? Yet not at all. I get so frustrated by this. The thought of girls and young women looking at the retouched photos and thining they must starve themselves to look like that really makes me upset and angry! It's not like she's not gorgeous in the more natural looking photo, right? Yet we have a society where the ideal woman is so skinny that it often come at a serious physical and mental cost. Whats wrong with natural and healthy bodies?! KappAhl (a Swedish clothing chain) recently had to remove and replance their manequins because calculations showed that if women would look like them they would even have a menstruation! I'm actually so upset right now I can't even put it into words. We should be proud of our bodies, not ashamed!

Lot's nd lot's of naturaly looking Love,

5 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

JAAAA!!! Vi med traditionella kroppar  är jävligt snygga. Faktiskt!!! Puss!!!


Make Me Up sa...

jajjamän! Nu slutar vi med det här smal-tjafset! Ballefjång på det!

puss på dig snäckan!

Emma sa...

And it's not like she's fat in the bottom picture either...

I'll model for you some day when you've found your camera, ok? Let's do a full-blown Lovehandle-photoshoot in your blog! =D Maybe on the sunday after my party?

Make Me Up sa...

yay! let's celebrate lovehandles!! We can make this a full-blown blog-movement where we encourage all blogers to show off their lovehandles! What a smash-hit-idea Emma!

I love you!

Emma sa...

I know, I have my bright moments sometimes! =)


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