tisdag 12 januari 2010

A happy camper!

Oh my gosh, my life is sweet dudes! Especially today! I almost had a panic attack yesterday because I ran out of breakfast. Now, I know you´re thinking, well just go and get some more from the grocery store, well it's not that kind of breakfast. Actually I started to use Herbalife a while back.

Itroduction to Herbalife, for those of you who haven't heard of it before:
Herbalife is a company that produces and retails nutritional products. The product I have for breakfast is called Formula 1. It's a pouder that you mix with milk (in my case low lactose milk, since I´m lactose intolerant) and it contains all the minerals, vitamins and micronutritions you need. I also mix in som extra protein powder since I don't eat enough meat to ensure I consume the recomended daily intake. I must say, I really didn't believe I would notice any change - but wowee! I have som much more energy now and my blood sugar has stabilised (which means I am no longer grumpy or in any way in a bad mood). As a bonus I don't feel the slightest urge to eat any candy or sweets. I can definitely say I wouldn't want to go one day without these products ever again. And as a nice bonus I lost some weight and now it's just fun to go to the gym to work out, instead of an absoulte drag- as it used to feel!

Back on track, so yesterday I used up the last powder of Formula 1 I had, but luckily today my new order was delivered, so I am once again a happy camper! Oh, and Herbalife also have lots of other products, so if you are interested, just send me an e-mail, post a comment here or if you have my number give me a call or send me a text and I'll tell you more about it- you won't regret it! I don't!

Lots of Love
from the now ever so energetic Linn!

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