fredag 18 september 2009

Zip it!

I just got home. I've been away since 7,30 this morning so I'm tired, but I just have to tell you this before I my meeting with MrDreamland. I told you earlier about the dress, how nice it is and how sad I am it doesn't fit. Well I told MrA about it in the car home. (we haven't seen each other all day and he hadn't read the post). Anyhow I told him the dress is very unstrechy and the waist is to narrow to get over my shoulders.

He then said,- isn't it weird that H&M would make a dress to tight to get on? Are you sure?
- Obviously I'm sure! I've tried!
When we got home I still wanted to show him the dress because it's so cute. And then, magic happened. A zipper appeared! I swear it wasn't there before, but now it was there! And now I can get the dress on. It fits like a glove!! Haleluhja! Now I can go to sleep happy!

Sweet dreams,

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Hahahaha! Du ljuvliga varelse <3

Linn Ekholm sa...

hehe! dä bjuur ja på! =0)

Emma sa...

Oohhh, hahahahaha!
How awesome is that? I love those magic zippers!


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