torsdag 17 september 2009

It's proven!!

This IS a killer hairdo! Everybody, (at least those of you who live in Sweden), run along to KappAhl immediately and buy this diadem! Seriously I've gotten nice comments EVERY single time I've worn it! Today when I got to school, the first thing that happens is that the guy in the coffee shop stares at me. "-Wow, I really like your hair! So nice. It must have taken ages to do?" I had to remind him that I wanted to buy coffee, he kind of just looked at my hair. From all angles.

It sound creepy when I describe it now, which is a shame, because he was really sweet and harmless. And no, it wasn't an excuse to go around me just to look at my ass. He didn't move a bit, he was behind the counter. He just asked me to turn my head so he could see the braid.

And as you can see I'm in a library, which means I should get on with my studying. Later folks.


3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Du är adorable.

Linn Ekholm sa...

håhå tack sötaste du! Jag blir liksom hög på livet när man får så snälla kommentarer! puss på dig!

Emma sa...

Men... Är det verkligen sådär värdelös kamera på iphonen? Det har jag funderat på många gånger.

Förresten har jag köpt ett sånt där diadem nu! Jag ska nog kanske inviga det på lördag, om det är på humör för att bli invigt då...


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