tisdag 8 september 2009


Hi peeps.
I know I didn't post à weekend blog trophy this weekend either. To be honest I am all out of inspiration. So please help me.

Leave a comment nominating the blog you would like to see as the winner next weekend. It can be your own or someone elses blog. One comment per person, however if you link to this post from your blog write so in the comment to double the chances for your nominee to be the winner.

Oki doki, fire away!

-- Ps. This picture must be from a year ago. I "borrowed" it from MrM. He left it on the iPhone he gave me.

1 kommentar:

Emma sa...

Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna! Eller Clara, hon gjore ett så fint inlägg om "dagens outfit" för ett tag sedan, så det gjorde alldeles ont i hela hjärtat. Vet att hon har varit, för typ en miljard år sedan, men man måste ju faktiskt kunna få vinna flera gånger.

My vote is for the ever so happy, cheerful, frank, prsonal and inspirational blog "Bloggkonstnären" (Anna Ritar, I refuse to call it anything else =D)


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