fredag 11 september 2009

New, foxy shoes!

Two weeks ago I was home at my parents house. There I found a stunning pair of shoes at the local shopping mall. Thinking of my economy I sadly didn't buy them. Poor student and all. I regreted the desicion every day for two weeks. Especially since that storechain doesn't have a shop in my town.

However, today I was in a hurry walking past a different shoe store, glanced in their window and lo and behold! there they were! The exact same shoes! Still thinking of my economy I rushed off. AGAIN. I had lunch with a friend, sat there chewing my enchilada, thinking to myself "if I have more than xx money left I'll buy them".

We rushed off to the ATM and Haleluhja! the Lord woke up happy this morning, I did have more than xx left. Off we went to the store and now I am the proud, happy, somewhat shopping-high, owner of a new pair of shoes. (repeating to myself "I did really need a new pair of shoes. I don't have that many pairs of black high heels.")

Oh, and here's a highly unrelated picture of our very own plum tree. This is for you Emma. The whole tree looks like this.... lots of plums. Yummie yummie in my tummie!

Well, tonight MrM's mum and I are going to Gothenburgh to pick MrM up at the airport. Wiiihoo! He's back! This might qualify as the longest two weeks in ages! *happy happy happy*

Later folks,

ps, I know it's a crappy picture of the shoes but I don't really want to go and get the camera again. Yes. I am a lazy bastard. A lazy bastard with nice shoes on.

4 kommentarer:

Emma sa...

Picture #1: Aaaahhhhhhh...

Or vice versa, depending on ones craving at the moment.

Love you sugarbean! Now I'm done studying and switching to party mode! =D

Emma sa...

And by the way, of course you needed more black heels. Did you not read your own post from the other day? Tss.. Linn, Linn. Pay ATTENTION in class!
In light of these recent events, I am sorry to inform you that I feel obliged to confiscate your latest purchase, as you do not deserve it.
Being an experienced female shopper of high rank (or so I thought), you should have been able to find a waterproof and absolutely guiltless motivation for buying those shoes in less than a heartbeat.
The Distraint Squad will be dispatched shortly, arriving at your door in approximately three hours.

Anonym sa...

Very, VERY foxy!!!!

Linn Ekholm sa...

Emma, AAAAHAHAHA!! You are the funniest person I know! I mean ofcourse I had the shoes on when we went to gothenburgh so I tricked your nasty little squad!!

Mandel, visst ärom!!! Eurosko på centret :) 599 och lätt värt et. De är faktiskt supersköna att gå i! Hade de på mig i typ 6 timmar igår, no worries!


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