lördag 13 februari 2010

Play day!


Today is The Day! My brother, his wife and two kids are coming to visit me. Actually I've planned this for quite some time, I was so cunning I bought tickets to a place here called Leklandet (roughly translated to playland) for the kids as christmas gifts. Haha now they had to come! =)

So, now I'm going to change into my workout outfit since adults can play to, we are "supervising the kids". Isn't that perfect? All those parents who have fun but are to stiff to say so, can just say "well, s/he couldn't go through the maze him/herself".

Well, I'm not a stiff, so I'll just admit it, I'm going to have superfun! The best thing is that they aer staying until tomorrow! <3 <3

Later folks!

ps. have a lovely Valentine's Day tomorrow! And if you're single, you should celebrate the biggest love, the love for yourself! =)

2 kommentarer:

Emma sa...

LinnLinn, you should ALWAYS celebrate the biggest love, regardless of whether you're single or not! =)

And you forgot the second most important love (third, really, the love for Family being second): the love for your wonderful friends.

I love you. Big time.

Madelyn sa...

Valentines is best celebrated if you have someone you love and always at your side. But if there's no special someone, you can still be happy with your families and friends. Life is just a matter of acceptance, of what you have and what you didn't have. What important is you are confident with yourself, of your looks, and that someone will come in its own right time. - used le creuset


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