tisdag 2 mars 2010

Shoe shoping!

I just ordered these lovelies from Nelly. I'm a shoe-oholic, I know! These will be perfect this spring with a cool tee and a pair of skinny pants! Oh, I shamelessly borrowed the picture from the blog My Shoebox.
If you sometimes feel my style is somewhat eclectic, you're right. I just can't seem to settle for one style, I like having the option of many styles so that I can go for the style I feel like every day. Today it might be a 50's style with an hourglass shaped dress, tomorrow it might be more modern, like in the case of these shoes. I sometimes admire all the blogers out there who seem to have found one style and then rocks it to perfection, well I just have to realise I'm not one of them.

So, leaving my little style-explanation behind, let's just hope Nelly is a quick shipper!

Now I'm going to make myself a cup of tea that will be enjoyed on my balcony, in the sun!


2 kommentarer:

Emma sa...

Oh dear Lord... That's all i have to say really. =)

Anonym sa...

Jag gillar dig oavsett vilken stil du har :) du är ju du och då blir det just din stil <3


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