tisdag 22 december 2009

Today's To Do.

Get out of bed.
Make breakfast.
Finish off christmas shoping.
Organise my whole flat. (it's a mess right now..)
Work a bit on a new project.
Edit some photos.
Do my laundry.
Find and charge battery for my camera. (nope- I still haven't done that.)
Pack my bags for 24th.
Study. (Hopefully)
Go to sleep early- long day at work tomorrow.

As you can see I haven't even gotten out of bed yet..... So let's tackle this list from top to bottom. (and yes for those of you who are picky, I did sleep with makeup on - I was too tired to wash it off...)

Woweee. Time to get busy. Lucky me, I got four hours of sleep so I'm pumped with energy. (warning- irony!)

Later folks! And don't stress out because of christmas. If you haven't got a spotless home or the absolutely perfect gifts- Santa will come either way. Just breath and calm down every once in a while - let that be your christmas present for yourself.

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