onsdag 8 september 2010

Perfect day with perfect nutrition.

Today I've been doing lots and lots of stuff. The best part was my lunchour workout! I just thought I'd give you an insight in how I have the energy to have a parttime job, run a samm business and study full time.

Well the secret to having lots of energy is good nutrition. Regretably today the soil where a large portion of out food is produced is drained, which results in less nutrients in our foods. That means we need to eat a larger quantity in order to get all the nutrients the body needs. However in doing so, you´ll have an abundance of calories. As you can see, the equation is very unbalanced. So how do I solve this dilemma?

Well, in the beginning of this year I got in touch with Herbalife and startet to use the products. I have used them every day since. I have so much energy, I lost those annoying extra few pounds, my skin has cleared up and so many more positive effects.

So here's a typical day for me, foodwise:

Breakfast: A nice Herbalife shake. Keeps me full all the way til noon, I get lots and lots of energy to take on the day's work and I my urge to snack is gone.

Before my workout: Same shake as for breakfast.

During my workout: Mixed with my water I have H3O Pro, just to keep the waterlevel in body at a good level when I workout. It helps me to get the most out of the hour.

After my workout: Same shake as breakfast. (comes in several different flavours, and you can ad fruits and berries, so I promise you, you wont get bored!)

Afternoon snack: A protein bar / crisp bread with avocado and herbal tea. which ever I feel like.

Dinner: A nice dish with fish/meat and lots of veggies. On the side, pasta, potatoes, rice, bulgur couscous... the options are endless.

So, thats how I go about getting all the nutrition I need!


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