lördag 19 juni 2010

The Royal Wedding.

Today the Swedish crownprincess Victoria marries her Daniel. This is an historical event, in Swedish history a female head of state is very rare in itself and the fact that she now gets to marry a man of the people, a commoner if you may, is unheard of. Actually the last one to do so is also the oldest living Bernadotte and he actually lost his prince title when he married. Well, to be honest, in my heart I do like the Swedish royalties, they're fascinating and Victoria seems to be a genuinely honest and lovely person. However, if I disregard my fascination of the royalties, I am pro-republic. On the other hand, I do follow the wedding on tv today, I don't want to miss out on all the beautiful ladies with their stunning dresses and all the handsome gentlemen. Most stunning of them all, as should be, is Victoria. Just look at this picture from last night. Just look at that dress! Oh, I would give a lot to have that dress!

Royal wedding greetings,

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