söndag 4 april 2010

Yesterdays makeup and do.

Yesterdays makeup consisted of my everyday makup this spring. A really nice foundation, some pink blush, and my new favourite eye shadows/glimmers. The shadows are two shades of champagne, one bright and one that is more beige. I'll tell you all about them some other time (No, they're not ID!!)

When I woke up yestersday I felt like braiding my hair. (the day before yesterday I saw some really inspirational pictures...) so thats what I did. It looks nice but is rather simple to do. You just do to two dutch braids from your fringe to your neck, when you reach the neck you just braid the rest of the hair like an ordinary braid. Take the ends (in other words, the "ordinary" braid, after the dutch braid) and pin it along sinde the oposite dutch braid. Piece of cake.

Allt he braided love in the world,

3 kommentarer:

D A H L È N sa...

GRATTIS, du är en av finalisterna i tävlingen om en reflexskärm! :)

Linn sa...

Yay!!! Vad kul!!

Courtney sa...

That looks fabulous! It ~almost~ makes me want to grow my hair out again.


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