fredag 27 november 2009

Knitted sweater.

I have a knitted sweater. I love it, it's been my favourite sweater for years. Unfortunately it's torn. A strand has come loose. I'm afraid to attempt to mend it. What if I fail and the whole sweater comes undone?

Maybe some day I'll realise I'm the sweater and that I have it in me to mend it without damaging it. Maybe the mending is what makes it pretty again, even though the stiches will be in plain sight. Maybe the mended parts are what makes life worth the effort. Maybe life is more like a quilt than a knitted sweater that comes undone. Every new episode in life is another piece of the quilt.

Or maybe I'm just rambling because I don't want to go back to my school work...


3 kommentarer:

Emma sa...

Idag ar det forsta december, och jag vill ha en adventskalender!!!!!!!

Emma sa...

Förresten tycker jag om dig. Väldigt mycket.
And if you're a knitted sweater, I'd like to wear you every day for the rest of my life. And I guarantee you we'd stitch you back together every time you came undone. And we'd use the widest range of colourful and strong yarn from all over the world!

Make Me Up sa...

rackarns bananer! Julkalender! Aj aj aj, det hade jag glömt! Jag får börja nästa måndag, för flyttlasset går ju på söndag och tills dess kommer jag inte åt min kameraladdare... inget batteri-- inga bilder =0(

Jag ska bli en regnbågströja! Wihoo!

By the way, jag saaaaaknar dig, förjävla massor! Kom hem nu din lilla rumpnisse!


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